What does Eset Status Color mean?

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What does Eset Status Color mean?

We all follow the rule that work is done with a work status. There are so many features in the antiviruses, which makes it different from others. And ESET is the best among all another antivirus. It has a feature of Colours which indicate a mean in the status of system.

ESET Support Australia is here explains the meaning of colours which shows on the screen. Read the blog, and collect the information about these colours:



Status: If a user gets a Green color with a white check mark, it means the system is secured now. The system is protected by all malware and virus.

But there are some reasons due to which color does not indicate any symbol such as:

  • Anti-spam Protection is disabled in the device
  • Parental control is not active
  • Window is not updated


Status: If user gets a Yellow color in their antivirus, it means they need to give proper attention to the device. They should have focused on the task they are doing and on the health of their computer.

The box indicates the issues for Yellow color is such as:

  • Licence is about to expire in 14 days
  • Computer restart is needed
  • Email Client protection is disabled
  • Gamer mode is enable


Status: A red sign shows that the computer is not secure and about to attack by viruses. Most of the protection is not ensured and that is the reason, red sign indicates the user about the negative harm.

Some of the issues were mentioned here in which you get this red sign:

  • Product is not activated
  • Username or password not entered correctly
  • Licence Key is not entered correctly
  • Licence is expired

Above mentioned points are reminding the user that there are some issues with the device which need to be fixed. So if user gets the points but they are not able to perform the strategy they can call, ESET Technical Helpline Number Australia and get their issues resolved with the help of team of experts.

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